On the phenomenon of reverse osmosis water machine


RO reverse osmosis principle: we must first understand the "infiltration" concept. Osmosis is a physical phenomenon, when two kinds of water with different salts, if a semi-permeable membrane separation will find less salty side of the water will seep through the membrane with high salt content water and salt contained not penetrate, so that both sides of the salt concentration gradually integrated into equal so far. However, to complete this process takes a long time, this process is also referred to as osmotic pressure.
    However, if the high salt content of the water-side, plus a pressure test, the result can be to stop the infiltration, when the pressure is called the osmotic pressure. If the pressure is further increased, the direction opposite to the direction of penetration, and the remaining salt. Therefore, the principle of reverse osmosis desalination, is in a salt water, subjected to greater pressure than the natural osmotic pressure of the permeate in the opposite direction, the pressure of the water molecules in the raw water to the other side of the membrane into a clean water, so as to remove impurities in the water, salt purposes.

    Well, from what time to start a reverse osmosis water machine it? When it began to rise from?

    Once in 1950, U.S. scientists DR.S.Sourirajan stumbled sea gulls flying in from the sea, sip water from a big mouth, after a few seconds, spit out a mouthful of water, and doubt, because the land from the lungs of animals is absolutely undrinkable high salinity of seawater After dissecting the body has a layer of film found gulls, the film is very precise, the sea gulls inhaled by the pressure, then through the pressure of water molecules penetrate the membrane into fresh water, and containing a high concentration of impurities and salt water is spit mouth, namely the basic theory of reverse osmosis future framework; and in 1953 by the University of Florida used to remove salt water desalination equipment.

    In 1960, the project supported by the United States federal government, Professor of Medicine at UCLA, Dr. DR.S.Soirirajan Dr.S.Sidney Lode started studying with pure water reverse osmosis membranes, year about four hundred million U.S. dollars funding research to use in astronauts use, so do not carry a lot of spacecraft water off until 1960 into research work scholars, experts, more and more, so that the quality and quantity is more sophisticated, thus solving the problem of human chin in water.

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