Kang Huasheng things

1, has a legitimate business in the local qualification fixed place of business and office locations. 
2, with strong economic strength and market development capabilities, a better understanding of the local market. 
3, with a look ahead and have some in the local social resources, in good standing.

data support: 
Provide product information, VI system, leaflets, training materials, market analysis details and materials for each agent, distributor or chain partner reference and use, and to give the chain partners funding and personnel support.

Training Support: 
Regular agents, distributors, franchise partners to provide products, services, specifications and other systems training to ensure that its own operations within the range combined with relevant materials and information and fully qualified operators.

Marketing Support: 
As agents, distributors, franchise partners to provide channel selection, sales management, marketing strategy, competitive response to a series of marketing consultancy support to help analyze each problem and propose solutions.

Services for the marketing of the fundamental, not only to pay attention to the quality of the product itself, but also to pay attention to after-sales service guarantee, to provide customers with warm, efficient and satisfactory service. Develop comprehensive service system, one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance service.

price protection: 
To protect agents, franchise partner interests and to ensure the sound development of the market, to develop a reasonable, strict price system, for each product are unified by the selling price and the retail price, the regional distributors, franchise partners must strictly adhered to, will be allowed to go beyond the scope of price adjustment.

regional protection: 
Agents only in the development of the region belongs to sub-agents, franchise partners or retailers, not regional, inter-provincial city development. Special circumstances, the company may coordinate with other regional agents, franchise partners to assist the local agent tender operation.

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